Friday, February 13, 2009

Falling Behind

I had a pretty good plan leading into Vision Quest and I have worked pretty hard until this month post Camp Lynda 2.0. Rain. Cold. Busyness. Work. Everything but plague and pestilence have cut my saddle time down to Average Joe Weekend Warrior fitness, not Average Joe Who Very Soon Has To Ride For Hours Up Lots Of Hills All Day Long fitness. I have a very good base, but I need to keep throwing in longer rides to remain accustomed to it and that has been lacking in a big way.

Not much I can do about it. It is a 3 day weekend. Sat is the only day with no rain forecast and I am totally committed from dawn to dusk with family stuff. Sigh. Thank goodness for singlespeeds. The ability to ride in crummy conditions and the toughness that SS'ing brings to the table has been a saving grace. Honestly, if I actually make VQ, it will be largely due to that one geared device. I am not brave enough to take the SS on VQ, but I think she will forgive me for that. I will need all the gears I can get.

Meanwhile, the rain continues to fall.

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