Sunday, February 1, 2009

Do you inspire others?

They other day I was having a conversation with a thoroughly good fellow who was stuggling with some changes toward a more healthy, sustaining, lifestyle. Near the end of our conversation, I complimented him on the choice to make the changes that needed to be made. Most people choose the easy path but he took the path less traveled. Change is hard.

He looked at me and said that I was a lot of his inspiration to make those changes. He listens to me talk about long bike rides, sees me eat fairly well, I treat myself as an athelete, no smoking, etc. I am 15 years older than him and in better shape.

Now I am certainly not all that there is behind his willingness to affect the needed changes in his life. There is a loving family to care for and a spiritual part of this as well. But the life that I live, and quite possibly that you live, can be a mirror held to the faces of others. What they see reflected in that mirror may not be so pleasing. They are out of shape, fading into poor health, and are following the trend of overweight, unhealthy Americans. You are the guy or gal riding over the mountains on weekends, looking thinner and tanned, fit, happy. You are going places, they are going nowhere.

Some of them will be inspired by you toward a positive change in their lives. Some will remain indifferent. Some will resent you.

Regardless of their response, we will still be doing what we we do: Riding bikes, pushing ourselves harder, farther, longer, breathing deeply and smiling more. And, in doing that thing we do...riding a bike with passion...we may never now how we have affected the lives and hopes of others.

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Guitar Ted said...

Great post. I know my neighbors on either side of me are the antithesis of my lifestyle and that they are very aware of my lifestyle choices. I think they either feel that I'm crazy or that they could never do what I do. Whichever or both, I don't know.

Either way, I'll keep doing what I do. Maybe some day the blinders will come off, who knows?