Sunday, February 15, 2009



SS so rules in this stuff.


Guitar Ted said...

Dude! You weather misery continues just like ours out here. I feel ya!

Hang in there! VQ will be that much sweeter when you overcome it.

How are the Mountain Kings handling your mud?

By the way, sweet B&W pic there!

grannygear said...

GT...the Mtn Kings are the king in this stuff. They have been a great fall-thru-winter tire and they will live there happily till summer dries it all out for me.


GNAT said...

Sweet picture man. Keep turning those wheels. Sure wish I was out there riding with you at VQ. One of these years I'm going to commit to that.

grannygear said...

Well, GNAT...pack up that brand new spiffy Big Mama and come on out! Would have loved seeing you at Camp Lynda 2.0.

Thanks for the pic compliment. You are hard after the photo thingy. Me, I just get lucky once in awhile.