Saturday, January 24, 2009

Camp Lynda 2.0: On the road to George's place.

The five of us, KT, Ed the Tall, Matt, Cliff and myself pulled out of Castaic in the rain and pointed our way toward the Silver State. Rain. Ugh. After dry weather for the last month, the forecast called for rain over most if not all of the CL 2.0 schedule. Well, we shall see. We all had our wintery gear with us so the only real worry was the soil conditions. Can you say clay? Sticky clay from hell? Hopefully we will find some sandy trails to ride.

St George is just a bit out of Las Vegas, and since we had lots of time to get there from Castaic, we planned a quick leg stretch ride in the riding area outside of Vegas called Blue Diamond.

We found the parking area and unloaded the bikes. Mine was the last to get out of the truck. I hopped on, took two pedal strokes, and immediately knew something was wrong with the rear shifting process. I don't know how, but something got all pranged up with the rear der or the hanger or??? But it was waaaay off the mark. Great! A bit of head scratching and adjusting and it was good enough to ride. What a way to begin the week.

We barely scratched the surface of this great part of Nevada and there is a lot to explore here. We climbed up into the snow line, and, under threatening skies and the keen guidance of KT, we found some super, super singletrack. Very fun, slightly techy, and pretty fast. Back at the truck right at dark, we loaded up the bus and headed towards St George and uncertain weather.

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