Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Budget Build?

Well, this is going on over at The Bike Lab and it has me thinking a bit about budget builds. Frankly, for me any build needs to be budget so I am quite skilled in looking for deals on-line, eBay, Craig's List, etc. However, the Lev, even though I hardly paid retail for any of it, still cost over $2000.000 to put together. Budget is relative, of course.

For instance, enter the King of the Budget Build, the rigid single speed, in this case a 29er cause that is all that makes sense to me. Here is a good example: The Monocog. Cheap, SS 29er goodness.

But, it does not have to be cheap and SS, does it? Nope. Consider this scooter.

Blingy, eh?

This all factors into my choice as a replacement SS for the Karate Monkey. I certainly cannot pop for the Ti goodness of the Bling-mobile, so that is out. But what about the thought of a handmade steel frame vs a production one? Is double the cost worth it? How about used King hubs vs. new SS only cheapies like Surly disc hubs? Avid BB-7 or better $$ hydros?

Part of the dilemma is the little voice in the back of my head that says "do it cheap and enjoy the ride". It is fighting with the other voice that appreciates the more blingy stuff in life. Ed the Tall picked up a sweet deal on a Raleigh XXIX for under 500 clams. He swapped to lighter tires and off he went. Tempting. But can I put up with BB-5s and cheap hubs? Not sure. For one thing, I need a sus fork, so I will carry over the RST M-29 and that means I am much more likely to pick up a frame only and swap some parts over from the Monkey and add some new parts into the mix.

Right now the Vassago Jabberwocky has my attention.

Everyone that has that thing seems to love it. The El Mariachi or a S.I.R 9 is tempting, but slightly pricier. A bit more of a $ bump and I could order a Curtlo. Meh? Not sure where that fine line lies. The $$ difference between the Curtlo or a Waltworks over the Jabber buys a pretty nice set of wheels so I can go tubeless with confidence (don't trust the DT Swiss rims I have on the SS Monkey for ghetto tubeless).

Well, time will tell. Meanwhile I am squirreling away money and I will wait for a good deal to come along. What will I end up with? I have no idea. It depends on which voice in my head that I listen to.

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GenghisKhan said...

Heck, go as blingy as you can and you'll still enjoy the ride!