Thursday, February 5, 2009

Classic Stumpy

Last night I got a chance to look at an old Stumpjumper Sport that an acquaintance had in his storage shed for years. He thinks it was an 1983/1984 era and the pic shown here (clipped off of the net) is pretty close to the right bike, but his had Bullmoose bars. This is even before my time beginning in mtn bikes.

Pretty cool really. The chainstays are almost as long as the top tube! The bi-plane front fork, chrome Bullmoose bars, big ol' Shimano brake levers...what a rig. Heavy too. Easily over 30 lbs. 5 gears in the rear, and the big ring is a dinner plate sized 50T dealie! 50T!!! Good lord. OE tires too.

I think he would give it to me if I asked for would fit me, I bet it is a 21" frame, but really, what would I do with it? It is a neat bike path/beach path/conversation piece, but I would never ride it off road.

Now one day, I will find a Ritchey Timbercomp or Fisher Mt Tam. Those were always on my hot list back in the day but I could never afford one. Still, it was fun looking at the bit of history and what was once considered a pretty good bike!

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