Thursday, February 26, 2009

One week to go.

Vision Quest is one week and a couple of days away. Pretty much in my lap. I figure I have two good rides left before I taper a bit. Tonite I will get a decent loop on the SS and Sat I will get a few hours around the local hills. That is all my situation allows due to work obligations on the weekend.

I will be riding the Lev of course. No SS. I have decided to not run the carbon fiber Edge wheels. Even though they are a bit lighter overall, I cannot help but choose the tubeless set-up of the Flows over the svelte Edge rims. I will run an Ignitor front and Crossmark rear. That is a pretty fast but good sized combo that I know works. I was going to buy a 20T small chainring but I never got around to it. I may regret that 10,000 feet into the 11,000' of gain in that race. We shall see.

I have my food and prep all worked out. I will grab some Gu, but of late I have had really good results with Snickers Bars, Oatmeal cookies, trail mix, Pop-Tarts, and Payday Bars for ride food. I have not used a Power Bar or Clif Bar in ages and I do not miss them at all.

Accelerade in a bottle, plus a couple of baggies of powder to resupply during the ride, S Caps for electrolytes (2 per hour max), and of course, the always awesome Fluid recovery drink for the after ride glow. HAH!

Depending on the weather, I am wearing as little clothing as I can get away with and the Octane XC will be on my back. I just can't wean myself off of a hydration pack. Camera? Not sure. Still debating that one.

Ipod for sure.

I have a goal of 8 hours as a finish time. Realistic? Not sure, but it will keep me on point better than just "I want to finish".

That said, I want to finish.

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