Friday, June 5, 2009

SRAM XX is out of the box

Extravagant, both in design and cost, but it is purty. Love the cassette, mostly machined out of one piece of billet steel. Art as bike parts.

Say hello to ten speeds in the dirt.


Fonk said...

Read about the new group the other day on VeloNews. Looks intriguing, and I've seriously been considering switching to compact double, myself. However, I'm getting tired of just how much higher new groups are priced every time they're released. Have you noticed how much the new road groups from Shimano and Campy cost?? It's getting completely ridiculous, IMO. If "progress" means a 20%+ jump in price every time, then I say let's stay stagnant. I think I'll be riding my current groups until they literally fall off the bikes.

grannygear said...

Yeah, it is a bit of a mistake IMO. More thoughts from Guitar Ted along those lines

Maybe that is why the last two rear der's I bought were take-offs from eBay. A $250.00 rear der? Not.