Friday, June 26, 2009

Plushness is in the butt of the beholder.

So to speak.

Interesting post by GT has me scratching my head.

He is wrapping up the diSSent test period and says that he thinks the diSSent is a pretty smooth riding frame:

"First off, if you are thinking the typical “aluminum is harsh” thing, the diSSent isn’t that at all. I would put it on par with the stiffer steel frames I have ridden."

Captain Bob said, when he wrote about the diSSent:

"I would have to call this frame set steel with the looks of aluminum. Yes, it is aluminum but the feel is all steel. In fact it’s better than most steel frames I have owned or ridden."

Well I will be dipped! How can that be? I just built the Monkey back up with the same parts I had on the diSSent and it is certainly a bit smoother overall and the KM has a rep for being a bit of a rough riding steel bike.

If the steel frame that I was told is coming my way turns out to be vaporware, I may just try it again. I think I would run a 90mm stem to get my weight back a bit, go back to the Easton carbon h-bars and pick up a Ti seat post from Erikson. What did I miss? Both of them have ridden more 29er hardtails than I have so I appreciate their perspective.

I do miss the handling and the pedaling performance that the diSSent offered. I wonder if I miss it enough to try it again?

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Enel said...

All reviews must be taken with a grain of salt. I agree with yours though:)