Friday, June 19, 2009

Back on the SS Monkey...for a little while

Since the grand experiment that was the diSSent did not work out for me long term, I threw the parts back on the KM and then promptly threw my back out. Two weeks later I was finally able to ride my SS again and so I pedaled the KM out into the wilds of middle Castaic with some of the boys.

It was interesting, now that I have something more to compare it to. First off, it is a fairly stiff pedaling frame, I mean it is a burly tubeset on there. But it did not have the snap of the other frame. It did ride nicer though, no doubt. Not a huge difference, but it was there.


It sucked big time in handling.

Big time.

So now I am perplexed a bit. At the price depth of the pool I am swimming around in, steel is likely the best bet. Even between $800 and $400 frames, in steel there is not a huge weight difference. But riding the diSSent showed me that subtle differences in dimensions and geometry can give a pretty drastic result. I am not sure why the diSSent felt so good, but I sure would not mind trying one of the ferrous versions someday. Maybe that would be the blend I am looking for.

So, I am heading toward another option and if I am not mistaken, it is headed my way now. Will this one be the combo of traits I am looking for in a moderately priced trail amigo? Will I like orange?

I hope so. I am getting tired of all this parts swapping and hand wringing. I just want to ride and smile.

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