Wednesday, June 3, 2009

All A Twitter

Well, I have succumbed to the lure of social networking at another level: Twitter. I confess, I have tweeted and I sorta' liked it. Still figuring it out....I need to see how to add it to the blog far no gadgets seem to do the job. BTW...I am grannygear on the twitter site.

Also, I seem to have attracted a few 'followers' that all look like Eastern European, underfed models that want me to go look at their photos in some linked website. I think not. I found the 'block' button right away.

Some cool stuff out there to manufacturers, legends, loonies, and visionaries. I now know what Gary Fisher is doing minute by minute...TMI, perhaps? Perhaps. It is an odd thing, really, all this focus on what any one person is doing or thinking at any one time. Who is GF that I should care what kind of coffee he just ordered? Who am I that anyone would listen to anything I have to say?

Is it all narcissistic navel gazing? It may be. Perhaps I should tweet about it.

Good lord, what have I done?

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