Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pea Soup, large serving.

So Cal in June can be quite gloomy and overcast. I love it as it makes for fine riding weather and it lets me pretend that I am in Northern Cal for a change.

Today I left home under cloudy skies and headed into town 15 miles away to do a local fav hill climb. By the time I got there it was full on windshield wiper weather. Well, I was not quite prepped for this clothing wise. As I was unloading it occurred to me that I could just beg off of the ride, but I have found the most rewarding rides to be the ones that offered a bit of a twist on the norm.

It was a good choice. The ride looked pretty much like this...

It was a hour long, wet and quiet climb. This was about as far as you could see in any direction. I had leg warmers and a head covering along with some upper layer options but no jacket. Meh. I can get cold and live.

Spring still hangs on if you look a for it a bit.

It was a quick drop back down to the truck. Wet all the way, spray in the face, the Conti Race Kings were very good here, although it never really got 'muddy',

Happy, happy...Joy, joy.

At home I was in the shower watching the dirt go down the drain and I was feeling absolutely satisfied. On the way out of the ride parking lot, I had run across a guy I know, all lycra and racer bike equipped, who was sitting at the traffic light heading home in the direction away from his planned ride. I yelled out the window and remarked about the weather, he waved and said, "yeah it sucks....just not worth it".

As I wiped the fog off of the bathroom mirror, I smiled and knew that he could not have been more wrong.

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