Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring is happening all over.

Wow, what a great Spring it has been.  Finally, the snows abated, likely for good this time, and the local backcountry trails and roads which get to the high 5K' range are clear, warm, and green like you would not believe.

I wanted to get out on the SS Rockhopper for an extended ride to wrap up my testing before it goes back to Specialized and I needed to try out the Camelbak H.A.W.G. pack on a longer day.

The ride is 12 miles of climbing in one direction...not sure how much there is all told...and a lot of that is on singletrack that is a gymnastic workout, techy, twisty, pedal-brake-turn, pedal-brake turn, etc.  On the SS it is quite the ride.  Then the swoop begins and it is bliss - a ribbon of moist dirt that beckons you to leave the brakes alone and trust in your abilities and the rolling of 29" sized dice.

I spent the hours on trail with KT the Man, maybe one of the few rides left before he moves away to take on a cool job driving the demo van for a bike company.  KT is someone I respect very much.  Not just because he makes me want to be a better rider, but for the way he has faced some hardships that would have stopped many folks from keeping on with life.  After all this, he still rides a bike better than I do and likely ever will, and that is fine with me.  He deserves it.  Good friends never really leave you, but I will miss the rides.

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