Friday, April 23, 2010

Clean lines

There is one thing that the rise of the 29er bike has ushered into, or should I say BACK into vogue - hardtails and rigid bikes.  Before big wheels, I would have no more wanted a non-suspended bike than a root canal, but now, I love my hardtail SS and I would even consider a rigid 29er just for kicks.

But maybe best of all, it allows us to desire and ride bikes that look like bikes again.  Like this one -

Now tell me that is not a bike.

Now I am no luddite and I love my squishy bikes with all the hydroformed tubes and disc-y-brake goodness, but this ti tubed, canti stopping sweet vision of simple pedaling calls to me.  The cool thing is that now, after getting the 29er deal,  I actually would answer the phone.

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