Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sea Otter

Not this one...

This one...

The Sea Otter Classic is part race event, part festival, part industry showcase of new things, part meeting of the tribe.  I am pretty focused on getting up there for the weekend, so most of my thoughts and energy will be in that direction for a while.

I am leaving Sat at O' dark-thirty and will hit Monterey at the festival opening.  Going as a media guy has perks...preferred parking, free lunches, internet access, etc, but I am going to be ON IT to get all the people met, bikes ridden, and pics and videos taken, processed, written about, and posted for all the world to see on either 29".com or thecyclist.

This blog will see off the record stuff most likely and overall thoughts.

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Laurie said...

Enjoy Sea Otter. I wish I could be going with you but business requires me to stay here. I look forward to hearing all about it when you get back. Although your sea otter is exciting I do like that little furry one you have on top. Can't see those on trail. Well, not the dirt kind of trail.