Monday, April 26, 2010

Hydration Pack Junkie

I have to admit it...I could be a hydration pack junkie.  Lately I have been testing a fair amount of the fancy little (and bigger) water sacks and if I add those to that the ones I have bought, well....I am overflowing with silnylon encased H2O.

Do I need any more packs?  No, not at all, yet I still find myself looking at the catalogues and picking out the next model.  Silly.  I can't help it, but look at it this's waaayyy cheaper than meth and I get to keep my front teeth.

The search for the perfect pack drives some of that.  I wish I could design my own as none of the ones I have tried get it 100%, not that they are not good packs, they are.  It is just that I always think, "Well, if I only had this feature there or a pouch here, a nip-tuck-stitch, etc.

I am wearing a new model from Osprey, the Raptor 6.

Mine is a spiffier color, but this smallish pack has a lot of nicely thought out features and looks to be very well made.  I am enjoying wearing it and I will do a full review in time.  But then I think, "If only this was tweaked here and there..."  Sigh.  The junkie in me is not satisfied.

Maybe I should shop for investors and open up Granny's Packs.  Do it my way.  Or not.  Meanwhile, I will try and restrain myself and limit my pack habit to a dozen or two.  That outta do it.


Wally Kilburg said...

I've been using the Raptor 6 for a few weeks now and its my main hydration pack now. I showed it to a friend and now he has one.
For longer rides/trips i may move up to a Raptor 14...but i'm impressed with the build, materials and thought that went into it. I'm curious as to what you will think once you use it more.

grannygear said...

Wally - yeah, I have a feeling it will become my daily pack, barely edging out the most excellent Camelbak Octane XC. We shall see. Stay tuned as I will have a complete write up and likely a video review on The Cyclist Site.