Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sea Otter post mortem

Sea Otter was a longish drive, a lot of work, and a lot of fun too.  I always enjoy being among the Tribe of mtn bikers.  Even though the race aspect does not do much for me, the event is more than that.  It is families and young fast guys and old slow guys and old fast guys and women and kids and XC bikes and DH bikes and big wheeled bikes and small wheeled bikes.  Bikes and bike folks.  Sweetness.

It was going to be a blitz trip for me...up early to drive solo to the event, one night with some friends, the next day to finish up biz and drive back that day.  Whew.

I ended up with a last minute passenger for the drive up to Monterey which began at about 04:00 AM.  Sonny was a pleasure to ride with and get to know and made the trip a breeze.  We were bunking with some other home boys who were up there to race or just hang out and we got bumped into a nicer hotel due to some overbooking or something or other.  This was the view from the patio.

Could be worse, eh?

It was really mostly work for me, being the designated West Coast hitter for and  Man, I never even saw a race!  Oh well, someday I will get more time there and be able to see more of the event than the vendor booths.  

There was some real neat stuff there, too.  A bit of flash...

...a dash of double goodness...

...and more.

After a while it just is a blur, but I spent a bunch of time shooting video with a new HD flash drive camera and editing the results for the new 29"s and thecyclistsite You Tube channels.

I have edited video before and I forgot how much fun it is, even with a simple program like iMovie.   Neat stuff.  Anyway, I am still sorting all the stuff from Sea Otter, it is cold and raining in So Cal, and work is gonna' smack my weekend plans a bit.  Oh well.

Meanwhile, I leave you with this image while I try to catch up a bit and get my head back into the blog.

Little horse, big hitchin' post.

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