Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekend wrap-up: Campin', buildin', ridin'

I took Friday off of work and spent Thursday night camping up in the local mountains. No bikes, just me, the boy, chile, a campfire, and a tent. Excellent. We had the place all to ourselves. I do forget what stars look like anymore and the quiet was deafening.

Friday morning we came back home to get back to the day's schedule and I spent a few hours putting his new (to him) bike together. He had been riding a GT that I had assembled from 2 bikes the neighbor had given me plus good stuff like XTR hubbed wheels and 9 speed Gripshift from my parts box.

What I was moving him into was an Action Tec Curtlo that I always liked, but now was just hanging around the rafters. It is really a size too big, but with a short stem and some reliance on his youthful flexibility, I think we will be good to go and he has room to grow into it.

Saturday was ride day. I had sent out a ride invite to do Golden Eagle trail, a long section of basically buff singletrack preceded by a 6 mile climb. We began in heavy, wet clouds and climbed above the cloud layer into bright, blue skies and warm weather. All in all an excellent day. To read more on the trail from another's perspective, here is a link to the writeup and great pics from jeffj.

Pics, some mine, some pirated from his write-up. I saw the B-17, but I was not fast enough with the camera. That was cool!


Jeremy said...

Great write up. Read the other ride report and it got me interested in finding the trail. Was this it?


grannygear said...

Jeremy -

It sure looks like the area. I did not examine the geoladders route in detail, but there is pretty much one trail up there with several places to intersect it. It crosses the fireroad several times.