Monday, March 23, 2009

In Memory of Ken

If you read my blog often enough, you will hear me mention how much I enjoy using Fluid Recovery drink mix. Part of that is because it simply works great. But another reason is that the folks behind Fluid are great people. They typify the small business owning, entrepreneurial family, the kind that for generations has made America the best place to reach for the brass ring of your dreams. When I buy Fluid, I am buying from, not some huge corporation that makes breakfast cereal in the building next to the recovery drink kitchens, but a small team of excited people working together to create something great for themselves by helping me be a better athlete.

Sadly, the Fluid team has lost a key member. Last week, after a sudden illness, Ken W. Brown, the company president, passed away. I only briefly met him, but I have talked many times with his wife Jan and, of course, his son David, the founder of Fluid. Jan has a way of always making you feel welcome and special. David as well, is a very cool guy and I cannot help but think that Ken was quite a guy too.

My prayers to all the family and friends and my best wishes and heartfelt sorrow over your loss.

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Fluid Dude said...

Thank you Michael. Your words are kind, memorable, and appreciated.

All the best,

Team Fluid