Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend report

Well, it was the last couple of days that I could add any significant saddle time to the bank account pre-VQ. I was on the leash for work, so I could not go far from home. Luckily my home town has quite a bit of surrounding roads and trails, not world class, but they will do in a pinch. I strung together 3 loops and ended up with 5 hours of riding time, likely 35 miles and quite a bit of climbing. I would have pushed to 6 hours, but I ran out of water at 4 hours and that was enough for me.

So, how do I feel about VQ? Well, I would feel a lot better if I had gotten more 6 hour rides in, but I was not at all feeling like I wanted to stop climbing or riding at 5 hours, so if I can feed myself well and avoid pushing too hard early on and cramping, I feel pretty good about crossing the tape. But, anything can happen. I have finished rides that had begun to truly suck a couple of hours before they were supposed to, so unless I run out of time or feel like I am doing myself harm, I will keep moving forward.

The weather, however, may have other plans. Rain is in the forecast for most of the week, not heavy rain, but rain nonetheless. I would love to race under cloudy skies. Even light rain could be OK. I did hold off mounting the tires for the race. I am thinking of the Mtn Kings as a moist conditions tire, not as fast as the Crossmark in the smooth stuff, but waaaaay better in overall traction.

Significant blogging and pretty pics will be off track till I get past this hurdle, a 50+ mile, 11,000' foot hurdle.

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Guitar Ted said...

Have a great ride MT. No matter what happens with the weather!