Thursday, March 5, 2009

One day to go

The rain soaked things pretty good on Wednesday, but the storms have rolled out and the weather looks clear for Vision Quest. It looks like I have the option of camping in a motor home instead of a tent so that is a cool deal. The group has a pasta dinner planned the night before. I will bring the tent anyway just in case I feel the need to slip away and find a quiet place.

The race begins in the dark, but within 30 minutes tops we will be in the light of dawn. I am not going to haul my lights around the whole day for that, so I am going to strap an LED flashlight to my helmet and creep along till the sun wakes up.

The bug that seemed to be trying to get me has lost the battle for now. Thank goodness for carrot juice and KM (an herbal drink). Just in case that was too healthy I made sure I was sampling chocolate chip cookies and brownies too. Ya can't be too careful.

Tonite I will spin around on the Lev to make sure it is happy and then I will pack up for the race. Getting up to race at 04:00AM really sounds fun. Yay.

I am really looking forward to the race. I am going to adjust my focus a little bit as well. Instead of treating it like a big, supported ride, I am looking to travel lighter and faster. I have no chance of hitting the podium...if there even is one...but my mindset is a bit more toward racing than just surviving. I am hoping that this will keep me ahead of the cut-off times and keep me from napping at the rest stops, etc. Maybe more head game than reality, but if it gets me to keep moving and hit my goal of 8 hours, then bully for me.

8 hours. Hah. I have no idea if that is even realistic. But as the saying goes, "If you aim at nothing, you will surely hit it."

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