Saturday, March 28, 2009

An Unlikely Week

It began last week with the news of a friend of my wife having some potential of breast cancer. In the middle of that, the womans brother was electrocuted in a freak accident and is being treated for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th degree burns. I have never heard of 4th degree burns. Talking to the doctors assistant who patched up my boo boos, he had seen plenty 4th degree burns when he worked for the county coroner. Oh, but never on someone who was still alive. Todd faces a long, difficult recovery.

Then there was the sudden death of Ken Brown from Fluid.

Yesterday I heard that a long time professional acquaintance, a guy named Joe, died in his sleep from heart failure. He was younger than I am.

What a week. Nothing is certain my friends, other than death and that taxes thing and I hear you can get around the taxes deal if ya' wanna be all slippery and such. But death is all tied up with a slip proof knot and in between are all kinds of changes and trials in life. If the young man had been wearing his hard hat when the high voltage line fell on him, how would that have changed things? What if I had gone on my road ride instead of changing my mind and riding a course a rarely do? I don't know. But he was not wearing that hat and I did not do the road ride. Both Ken and Joe figured they would get up the next day and finish their lives.

Life is only revealed to us a bit at a time and we best make the most of what time God allows us.

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