Monday, January 5, 2009

Wanna' Epic?

Hmmm...something inside of me whispers every so often in a low tone, just a quick, casual suggestion, that tantalizes me and then the words are forgotten for a while.

I hear it most loudly when I look at stuff like Camp Lynda or the Arizona Endurance Series and many other unofficial endurance events. I really like the idea of this type of grassroots ride. I am no endurance stud so the 120 mile stuff is out of my range, at least for now. But, there is that 50 to 100 mile range that has a lot of appeal for me. It is hard enough to test you but not so hard that it is beyond the fitter weekend warrior. It is still fun, but has me wondering if I can make it. That is a great combo!

I hear the whispers again when I get into good shape and want to take advantage of it before the summer lazys set in and it gets too hot. I am hearing it right now.

It says, "We need a local epic ride".

No doubt. I have recently discussed this with KT and he is all about it as well. Now, I have put on a ride that I used to consider epic, but it really is just sorta long and fairly hard at 45 miles and some pretty good gain overall. The biggest knocks against it are, that it is a point to point ride and it has no singletrack in it. I think it has run its course.

But where to go? I do so appreciate the parts of the country that have large, open sections of land that beg for big, random, loops of riding. We have a lot of riding, but it typically is very digital and is along strings of rugged mountains, jutting out between heavily populated valleys. Big loops are a bit harder to do and will guarantee lots of climbing, and often the return route is hazy as there may be only one road across the ridgelines.

So, I have been running some routes by KT as he lives in a valley that is surrounded by three mountains, all on public land. Come late spring/early summer, and, if the winter is mild, maybe we can get it figured out. If so, I would love to finally have a great, local epic ride that would be worth traveling to. Who knows, maybe it could become a classic (just like me...HAH!).

So, I think that I have a basic plan in mind, and God willing, maybe I can finally have an answer for those whispering voices in my head. Well, at least THOSE voices. As far as the others go....that is another story.

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