Friday, January 16, 2009

Fear of Standing.

I have never been a gifted climber, that much is certain. Just ask around. But, even worse was my ability to climb out of the saddle. Total suckage.

Last night I went out on the SS Monkey for the typical Thursday night spin. It began with a 30 minute climb up a long, paved hill. Except for a dozen pedal strikes or so, I stood the whole time and never felt like it was too much effort.

Now, I don't say this to toot my own, anemic horn, but rather to point out yet another advantage of training on an SS vs. a geary. I noticed this on a recent and, for me, rare road ride where I actually got the REAL road bike out of the rafters and eschewed dirt for the day. It is old school gearing, no compact stuff, just 7 speed from days of yore. I stand a lot to get the hils done and to save the knees. On this ride I could feel the last few months of SSing come into play as one hill after another fell behind my wheels. How cool is that?


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