Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Camp Lynda 2.0 is here.

We leave tomorrow for this. I am pretty excited and a bit nervous. Back to back harder days is not something I typically do, but I am as fit as I could be for this part of the year. It will have to do...or not. We shall see. Either way, it should be fun.

The weather keeps flipping around so there is now a chance of rain on Thurs/Fri, but only 30%. I imagine we can stand a bit of moisture before things get sticky. I also imagine that the CL 2.0 folks have plans for that as well.

I am taking the Lev, of course, and the old wheels, not the zippy carbon wheels I have been testing. Why? Tubeless. Apparently the chief export of St George is goathead thorns. So, it was either spend some bucks on Slime tubes for the carbon wheels (and take a weight hit, I imagine)or just run the Stan's rims. I doubt I would ever have much use for the Slime tubes again so it seemed kinda wasteful. I swapped to the Captain Controls 2.2 both front and rear. It is a fast rolling tire and the low profile knobs and the full casing make for a good desert tire IMO. I also will bring the wheels off of the SS Monkey for spares and the Mtn King 2.4s will be on standby if the weather does get muddy.

This will be a great trip for the Deuter pack. The GPS is mandatory and a camera of course. The clothing is packed for cold to cool temps. I have a ghetto-fab plan for keeping my toes warm. Keeping my fingers (or toes) crossed about that. I plan to eat real food, no power bars or gels. I have been weaning myself off of costly packets of synthesized goodness and running on oatmeal cookies, Snickers bars, trail mix, etc. So far so good. I will bring Accelerade in a bottle for each ride. I have had good luck with that on long rides. S Caps will help with cramps. Of course, Fluid will be there for after ride recovery.

Other than that, it will be just like any other day in the saddle. And any day spent in the saddle can't be too bad.

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