Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Hundred Dollar Ride

Last night I wanted to get out and test my new lights before the rain came in to town. I went to the garage and stood there before the bike rack, looking at the SS Monkey. I always ride the SS during the week, especially when the weather has been wet and muddy. For some odd reason, I had forgotten that it had rained yesterday. So, I decided to take the Lev out to see how the battery pack fit on the frame. Off I went.

Up the canyon singletrack, it began to get muddy. Hmmm...real muddy. Ridden when wet, the clay soil out here does not make ruts in the trail very often, mostly it just packs up on the tires, etc. So, after a bit I am struggling to keep pedaling. I stopped once when the bike began ghost shifting, but decided to keep on riding. I thought, "I should have ridden the SS Monkey".

About 10 feet further along I heard a sickening 'crunch' noise and then no forward progress. I looked down, knowing what I would see...a pretzel where my rear der and chain used to be. The lovely chunk of aluminum that was an XO SRAM der was sitting nicely on top of my cassette, the chain was lodged behind the cassette and twisted forever, and the der hanger was dead.

I would post pics, but it was dark and I was too depressed to get out the camera. I walked a ways to where my wifey could rescue me in the Grannygear-Family Truckster and rode home on the tailgate of the Suburban, the muddy bike half in-half out.

I ordered a 2008 X9 take-off der for $52.00 on eBay and picked up a new chain from a local shop. Sigh. Luckily I have a spare hanger, but I need to replace my spare as well.

Next time it is muddy (at all!!!) I will look at the Lev, take $100.00 out of my pocket and put it in a drawer safely away, then I will get the SS down and go riding.

Next time.

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Guitar Ted said...

Ouch! Out here in Iowa it is the sticks that get ya. Your front wheel kicks them up and they sling into your back wheel, get crossways in there and rip everything up and around.

You learn to stop pedaling and slam the rear brake on when you start to feel the crankset act funny!

But I'm like you now. I just grab the single speed in Fall and after windstorms now. It is much easier that way!