Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 Highlights: It's the People, Stupid

Someone once said that "It is the economy, stupid". That is fine, I suppose. But we as bike nuts can be all twitterpated about the latest blingy bike gear or the next great ride. But when it is all said and done and the shiny bike parts are no longer shiny and the next ride is just that...another ride, you realize that what it is really all about is the people in your life, and in this case, your cycling life, that make it all worthwhile.

I met some great folks this year and remade some old acquaintances. But one new person for 2008 has been a real blessing to meet and get to know, even if it is at a distance.

Guitar Ted, international man of mystery. From that fated meeting at the Salsa booth at the 2008 I-Bike to today's relationship as writer-editor, it has been a blast getting to know GT in all his cycling wisdom and knowledge.

I hope that some day we will meet again and ride some gravel road, some singletrack, or just pedal down the street somewhere. Whatever it is, it will be another chapter in what really matters with all this bike stuff.

Bike people.

And that is the final highlight for 2008. May you have a prosperous and happy 2009.

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Guitar Ted said...

Wow! You are waaaay too kind! Thanks! I hope we get to ride together too. That would be stellar!

Thanks for all the kind words, and I agree. It is the people, not the bikes!