Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat...

The fat ol' goose may be me if I do not get out more often than I have been. Holiday banquets, dinners, charity events, weather, etc, have all conspired against me lately. I have plans to be here in January and I really would like to get some longer stuff under me. I have been doing short and hard...that is pretty easy. Just point and shoot toward the hills on an SS. Long and moderate to hard is more difficult to achieve.

I had someone ask me the other day if I had ever done a long ride on the SS and I have not yet. I think 2.5 hrs is about the most right now, but there was only about 10 minutes of flat terrain in that 2.5 hours. I would like to do something longer. Right now I am 2 to 1 SS to geared as far as ride time. I still pull out the Lev for epic stuff or a ride that is very digital, especially among other geared up riders. I still do not have the fitness to hang with a faster pack of riders on the SS over a typical So Cal ride. Maybe I will some day. No biggie. That is why I have more than one bike.

I have time over the week following Christmas to get a couple of good rides in if we get decent weather. It looks like a pretty good rain storm is coming in and it will bring snow to above 3000'. If we stay cool through December then the snow may stay for a while. Well, So Cal means that there is always somewhere to ride.

Cold weather is all relative, ya know?

One of my favorite blogs is Jill's blog from Alaska. I am always in awe of the daily challenge that riding a mtn bike presents in winter conditions.

Pic from Jill's blog page -

Doesn't that look all cozy and inviting, hmmm? I get whiny when it dips below 50*. Below 20*? Not this boy! My house is warm, thank you, and I think I left the water running in the other room...and my mom is calling, etc. Part of that is not really having cold weather clothing for riding. Functional, bad weather technical clothing is pricy stuff and to spend that kind of money when you can just wait a day or two to ride when the weather clears...well, it makes poor sense to a family guy on a budget.

But Alaska...or Colorado or Michigan or Iowa or anyplace that gets really COLD and stays that way for months? I am not sure how I would deal with that. I am not a bike commuter, so riding is about the fun and fitness, not a get-to-work necessity. I guess I would learn to do it anyway, but maybe I would just hibernate or hit the gym for spin class and kickboxing/pilates/yoga with the rest of the over 40 folks.

Props to you guys and gals who brave, or in some cases, celebrate the frozen rides of winter. I would love to ride with you, I really would but I can't find my mittens (I think the cat had them), and I am sure I hear the phone is ringing. You know how my mom hates to be kept waiting.

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Guitar Ted said...

Well, we may be able to ride in the cold here, but we, (well at least I) ain't stupid! 7 degrees with a negative thirty degree windchill already tonight means I'm driving in to work tomorrow!