Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2008 Highlights: Epic/Classic rides

While it may seem like this is just like the Road Trip blog entry, it is different. You can Road Trip to a riding location and have a great time but not do any world class rides. However an Epic and /or Classic ride is one of those routes that folks talk about in excited tones. Mere mention of the ride brings nodding heads and murmurs of agreement out of a group of mountain bikers.

Trail 409, Crested Butte

Porcupine Rim, Moab

Flume Trail, Tahoe

Downieville downhill

WRIAD, Virgin Rim, Colorado Trail, Kokopelli, etc.

Iy may be because of the way it hurts you real bad when you attempt it or it could be that it is so scenic or historical that it deserves the epic/classic moniker. Or it could be the way it has its groove on and how it just simply flattens you with how good it feels to ride it.

If I had to pick one ride this year it would be Thunder Mountain trail in the Red Cliffs area of Southern Utah. Not that long or difficult, it is a 15ish mile loop that takes you through some of the best red rock countryside in town. Smooth, sinuous, sexy and downright fun, the trail will challenge all to get in the groove and flow, baby, flow. The last 2 or 3 miles just may be the most fun I have had on a bike in recent memory...heck, maybe distant memory.

Thunder Mtn. Epic/Classic ride of 2008

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