Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Am I now the King of the Mountain?

Look what the UPS man brought me! I could not pass up the coupon deal from the Interbike Demo Days. Continental was offering a great deal on a limited order of Mtn King tires, so I opted to try some 2.4" 29er tires.

I mounted them on the SS Monkey running tubes on the DT Swiss 7.1TK rims and they are hardly a 2.4 to the calibrated eyeball. I have not actually measured them, but they are a decent enough size for winter/spring riding and the open and generous knobs should work well.

So far I like them. Tremendous traction and hook-up in corners, especially now that the soil is kinda moist and packed down. They roll pretty well for an agressive tire too, much better than the Eskars IMO and they are rounder in profile so I like the way they turn in when used as a front tire.

Longterm we shall see, but so far they were well worth the $.

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Dan said...

You'll love the MKs. I have them in tubeless 26" and the grip and weight are great. So far they are wearing well too.