Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pedaling Uphill

After the lift assisted madness of the previous day, one of the guys I was with suggested we opt for some XC stuff instead of popping for another lift ticket fee of near 50 bucks.  Well money, pedal uphill, ride new trails that are not part of a big, sculpted gymnasium?  I am all in.

So that idea spread and we put together a series of trails that were just perfect for what we were looking for.  Some of the boys were hurtin' for certain due to the cruel elevation that steals the power from your legs, but they made it happen anyway.

We began in sagebrush and pedaled into a lakeside camping area and waterfall.  My fav day so far.  Real mountain biking IMO, even though it was not all that epic.  It was sweet though.

After that we broke for lunch and then went back to the high desert on the other side of the highway in search of a trail that dropped into a deep canyon.  We never found the trail head, so it turned into a sand fest of desert roads that ended up pretty much nowhere.  Demoralized from all the sand and running out of time and energy, the group headed back to the cars and called it a day.  Of note was my 29er with the big 2.35 tires at 25psi.  I barely even noticed the sand and it really got me thinking about a fat bike as my next acquisition.  I really think that would be a fun scoot and would open up areas like this to biking.  Sand?  What sand?

The next day will see me pointing toward Vegas, but I plan on getting there on some back country roads.  Time to see some more new countryside.

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