Monday, September 26, 2011

Feeling Sheepish

Well, while many parts of the country are seeing Autumn come in with cold nights and frosty mornings, we in So Cal are still in the 90s and hoping for a feeling of Fall.  It really does not begin till October-ish, but the other morning did offer us a deep marine layer (fog or low clouds) and right about 50 degree temps and misty-ness.  Now in the Midwest that would be tank top weather, but here, well, it is an excuse to break out the wool.  Now I really did not need the wool, but it felt good to wear it anyway and pretend.  And maybe, just maybe, the donning of spun animal fur will encourage the onset of Fall.

Ya never know.

Sheep's clothing courtesy of Buff Headwraps, EWR jersey, Ibex 3/4 bibs, and Swiftwick socks.

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