Friday, September 23, 2011

The Lonely Road

I am drawn to them like moths to flame.  I see them, winding off valley floors into hidden canyons and high mountain passes.  Often just barely there, suitable for horse drawn wagon, foot travel or a good bike, they seem to ring back through time with the sounds of jangling team harnesses, mining rigs, lumberjacks.

Lonely roads.  They inspire me and intrigue me.  I want to go there, wherever 'there' is.  Let them take me on a journey that few others bother with now in our modern and fast paced lives.  Sadly, I am all too often one of those hamsters on the spinning wheel of life.  Lonely roads require time and a conscious disconnect from the tyranny of the urgent.

We need lonely roads and unseen places that call to us, if not in our lives, at least in our imaginations.

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