Friday, October 8, 2010

The pedaling wounded.

Well, coming back from this silly Hernia surgery has been harder than I figured.  I sure hoped to be ratcheting things back up by now, but I actually took a week off after some unexplained soreness last weekend.  So, it rained this week for the most part and made it easy to be lazy and off the bike, although I do love riding on misty days.

This Sat I will creep back in with a long bike path ride on one of the hardtails I have, then try again on Sun for a real mtn bike ride.

At about the same time, Ed the Tall twisted his knee doing some physical activity.

He was either:
A:  Running with the bulls in Pamplona
B:  Competing in the World Salsa Dancing competition in Brazil
C:  CIA stuff.  Black helicopters.  Shhhh!  Said too much already.
D:  Hiking and slipped on a rock.

Pick one ya like.  Personally, I would go for the Salsa dancing, but that is just me.  Doesn't he look suave'?  Either way, dancing injury or not,  he is less than 100% and is awaiting the medical poking and prodding to see what he did to himself.  Could this be number three in a series of ACL repairs?  I hope not for his sake.

The bummer is that Fall is some of the best riding we have.  And, we are scheduled to ride an Endurance Event in late Oct, either 45 or 70 some miles.  Hmmm...could be ugly.  How will this turn out?  Dunno.  We shall see.  One thing for sure, we are not likely to be fast by late Oct.

It makes me wonder about doing anything surgery-wise that is not an absolute necessity.  I was trying to get the repairs done before things got worse and I got older.  I imagine it will be OK in time, but I am impatient when it comes to getting back to exercising.  How DO people live a lazy, sedentary life?  Man, that would kill me.

So, if you are healthy and strong today, go do a good ride for those of us that can't.  Ed and I will appreciate it

"Brevior saltare cum deformibus mulieribus est vita", eh Ed?

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