Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Finally...a real ride.

I have not done a really good ride since the beginning of summer.  That is awful, but that is the way it is.  So, this weekend Ed the Tall and I are heading down to do a little ramble in the hills around Idyllwild, CA.  On tap is a 40+ mile unsupported loop with an additional 30 miles in a optional second loop.  I am hardly at my best but I think I can get the 40 miler done.  I am not shooting for the bigger 70 mile version, but Ed is.  Some folks are 'racing' it but we are just out for a good pedal with some fine folks.

So, basically, Ed's knee is still messed up so even that may get adjusted as the day goes by.  I am still healing and have not ridden anything longer than a three hour ride for the last three months...Ed is much stronger than I but he is broken...we have never ridden there before and we expect it to be cold.  We start in the dark with no GPS tracks we can absolutely rely on and no SAG wagon.

Sounds perfect.

I can't wait to saddle up.  I figure I can heal along the way, but I may have to shoot Ed if he comes up lame.


Jeremy said...

Hey Mike,
Have a good time at the SJ enduro.
Is this a one-day trip or are you camping? I've got a friend, Weyland (black Jet9), who will be riding the longer route. He is starting to explore bikecamping so I'm hoping to point him in your direction if your staying overnight.

grannygear said...

We are camping on Fri night. We will be in a Honda CRV. Look for an orange Dos Niner and a black Epic 29er.