Monday, October 4, 2010

Dirtbag Bikepacking: A DIY Seat Bag from a compression sack

Well, I finally got around to finishing up the project of making a bikepacking seat bag out of a readily available compression sack.   It came out fairly well, and I hope to put into use by letting friends use it on trips.  I think it could be done better and I would love to keep messing with it, but frankly, it is not worth my time, especially since I do not have a sewing machine.  If I had a hvy duty one of those, I would be more interested in V 2.0.

As it is, I do need to get on making my UL quilt to go over my UL sleeping bag.  I need to take my temp comfort zone up a bit for sleeping and I figure a UL synthetic quilt over my 50 degree bag, combined with a liner, ought to get me into the low 40s at least.

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