Saturday, July 3, 2010

S24O with JeffJ and Ted.

I am coming off of a week long vacation and had a night free to get out on another local overnighter, an S24O (Sub 24hour Overnighter).  The invite to JeffJ went out kinda late in the week, so we had to scramble to get him and his son, Ted, set-up.  But between his stuff, my stuff, and some good old garage engineering, we were loaded up and off.

I made a Blackburn rear rack work on the 29er by using some clamps onto the seat stays.  My REI 3 man tent went on that and the sleeping bags went into or onto the Osprey Talon 22 or Gregory Z22 packs.  I was using the Osprey Manta 25 this night, something, along with the Talon 22, I am evaluating for  I also was sleeping in the Topeak Bikamper tent to see how it works in the field.

We parked at a buddies house in the early evening and set out on our quest to a local campground that typically only sees thru hikers on the PCT as it is gated at the access road for cars, etc.  After our 6 or 8 miles of climbing on pavement and dirt, we were there.

The Osprey Talon 22, stuffed for all it is worth.

The Topeak Bikamper tent.

Home sweet home for the night.

MMMmmm...PB@J with Guava jelly from The Dominican republic.

It was a great trip and it showed that if you have the desire, you can bikepack without the expensive custom bags, even though they do make things awfully nice!  I am working on some new ideas in the area of budget bikepacking.  More on that soon.

S24O's rock.

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SS:Mtn Biker said...

Oh yes! Looking forward to the budget gear posts =D This comes at a time a riding bud and I are just starting to plan our first ever bikecamping trip (for either of us),and gathering needed gear before Fall! (see a recent post on my blog,the comments section).