Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday is for travelers.

From 06:00 till 06:00 I was either sitting in a car, an airport, a plane or a bus.  Yuck.  Tiny planes, too.

But now, I am here and it is pretty darn nice.

The view from the back porch.

I am way up in the Rockies...I think it is the Rockies.  Out of Denver up into the hills for a couple of hours, right outside of Breckenridge.  I looked at the altimeter and it read PDH.

Pretty Darn High.

Can I even ride at 11,000' anymore?  We shall see.  I used to be able to, but I was younger then.  And while I may be wiser now, I don't think that counts for much in this case.

Dinner rocked.  Time for bed.

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Guitar Ted said...

Yeah, the travel thing is a downer. Too bad we can't teleport like they do on Star Trek, eh? But then we wouldn't appreciate fully the rewards of "being there" as much, I think.

11,000ft? Yikes! I was at 8-9,000ft in Utah and thought I was sucking air. I'd be really in for it up where you are at! Enjoy the time!