Thursday, July 15, 2010

Goodbye, Colorado.

As I sit in the condo, looking out over a lake, where some bird is doing a fine imitation of a rubber bulb squeeze horn (or a rubber bulb squeeze horn is imitating a bird), the Tour is on VS. and I am full of breakfast.  The shuttle arrives soon and it is all downhill from here...literally.  I will not get any higher then this till the plane takes off.  Just turning over in bed at 10K' sends your heart rate up!

It has been a killer few days.  The trails here on the Keystone slopes are lift served, fun, and challenging.  The views are typical Co. high country spectacular and the weather has been perfect.

Specialized is an amazing company.  I have gotten to know many of the key people that bring the products to market and they are all good folks so far.  The vision they have and the ability to keep putting out great stuff is pretty impressive.  To all you at the Big S who made this happen for me, I thank you - Nic, you are the best and you look taller on TV.  Eric and Racheal...thanks for all the support.  To Rebecca R.....go win that race.  Nice gals need to finish first.

SO, back to the hot and brown of a So Cal summer.  There are lot's of things on tap with testing stuff and new bikes and gear to review.  I think there may be a new SS ride working its way to me and that is cool to look forward to.

Meanwhile, I will take a few more moments to savor the day then turn toward home and the waiting arms of those I love.

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Anonymous said...

Cool view. I need to see it first hand. LJT