Sunday, May 2, 2010

Video to go.

Been playing around with one of these lately.  I wanted to begin to do some video reviews, interviews, etc for 29".com and The Cyclist and the You Tube channels for each one (click on the links and see what we have been up to).   Besides that use, the idea of a rugged, small, HD video camera appealed to me for family vids on stuff we do, vacations, group hikes, etc.

The Kodak Playsport is waterproof to 10' and that means pretty darn dust proof too, so I do not fear the out of doors and it killing the camera.  It shoots in 720p HD and holds an hour of video on the memory card I bought for it.

For $150 dollars and some extras, it is a pretty sweet camera.  I shot all the vids on the two channels for the blog-zines and just began a grannygear videos You Tube Channel (coming soon).  I recently took it with me on a big, solo loop and shot some footage of the ride.  Yeah, kinda narcissistic, but it was just to see how it would all work and, with a small tripod, I could even stage it so I could film myself riding by, etc.  Really a neat thing to have in the tool kit.  I think I have a way to body mount it to shoot video of rides in action.  It has some built in image stabilization and I am going to give it a try.

Meanwhile, I have been dropping the clips into iMovie and editing them.  Video editing is a lot of fun.  I used to use Final Cut Pro, but the latest iMovie is pretty darn good for hacks like me and my needs.  Now, with Garage Band, iPhoto, iTunes, and iMovie all working together....well...what can I say.

Macs rule...PCs drool.  And I have the video to prove it.

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Doug Idaho said...

looks pretty sweet. I have a small cannon powershot camera that also takes HD video. Kind of amazed how good a job it does. Don't see myself using the old style camcorder again.

Recent convert to Macs here.....loving it so far.