Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Need a new mini pump?

Well, how about a 'Midi Pump'?  I have been airing up on the trail with a pretty shiny and cool pump from Lezyne as well as a new multi tool and CO2 set-up.  Man, Lezyne has lots-o-stuff to offer.  I love the all metal look of the pump...very retro to the days before plastic was in vogue.  More info here:  Review on The Cyclist Site.


Matt said...

I haven't bought their stuff yet (budget's a bit too tight and I still have serviceable other stuff), but I've seen some great reviews on Portland Design Works, including their pumps/inflation stuff.

Michael Meiser said...

I'm a bug fan of this Lezyme. I have none though, have two Topeak Road Morph. I just wish the Lezyme had a gauge, indeed there might now be one with a guage that is still smaller then the Road Morph. If not it gets harder and harder to justify the added bulk of the Topeak for just a gauge over this little thing.