Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sat Mornin' wid' da' guyz...

Not a big ride or adventure, but still a great ride.  Made a nice loop out of the forest roads and trails, some climbing, some singletrack, some fireroad, some hike-a-bike.  Just a typical ride with some buddies on a typically nice spring day in So Cal.

I was riding the Epic Marathon, soon coming up on its 6 month anniversary.  As always, it was a fine companion for the day.

I was kinda pushing the limit of the smallish Osprey Raptor 6 hydration pack, but it did the job for the three hour ride, carrying snacks, 70oz of a water/Elete blend, and a windbreaker + tools, etc.  Nice pack. More on that in coming posts.

MTB riders are multi-talented people.  Here, Navy Mike demonstrates the proper technique for arm-farts while wearing a LS jersey.  A good trick!
Tony the Tiger approves of this masterful display and laughs heartily....Ha Ha Ha. 

We did a bit of hike-a-bike through a tight canyon trail to end the loop.  Spring is so nice out here cuz soon all this will be dry and brown.  Nice end to the ride...that and the qt of chocolate milk and cheese flavored tater chips.

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