Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Titanium Thing

Ti. The magical mystery metal of dreams for most hardtail riders. It never rusts, seldom breaks, rides nice, and looks, Ti. Magic pixie dust comes with every Ti frame, I suspect.

GT is playing with one right now over at The Cyclist.

I have never owned a Ti frame. I have owned a few off the rack bikes, a lot of hand made steel frames, one custom aluminum frame and a few high end FS bikes, but never Ti. Is it a big deal? Not really, I mean it is not like it makes or breaks me, etc, but I have to admit that, once I get a bit more time on the singlespeed bike I am building up now and I figure out some frame geometry, etc, I am looking long term to a Ti frame of some kind. Likely not an Eriksen or Moots, but there are some decent options out there like the Lynskey Ridgeline, Vassago Ti frame, etc. Who knows, maybe I will pop for a really nice, handmade to order frame, but that would be a long shot given my typical budget in life.

And you know, it would not be all magical compared to a great steel frame or even a really nice aluminum sled, but there is something about Ti. It calls to me. I don't get all wadded up over it and lose sight of having fun on whatever I am blessed with being able to what ya' brung, etc...but I have to admit that in many ways it defines the ultimate statement of having 'made it' to the promised land of welded tubes and satin finishes. And it simply rocks as a hardtail SS choice. Beauty, eh?

So, God willing, I will have that SS Ti frame one day, but until then I will keep pedaling what I have now and be happy. Hopefully GT will lie to me and tell me the Lynskey is really not all that great, that light bikes are overrated, that Ti is not as good as it seems, I really don't want one at all, and he can't wait to ride a heavier, slower, painted, steel, non-magical, no pixie dust impregnated singlespeed again. I would feel soooo much better.

One can only hope.


Guitar Ted said...

Imagine my surprise when I opened your site today. (Hey! That's my backyard!)

Thought you sneaked over for a minute there! ha ha!

Well.......I rode it yesterday. Let's just say that I didn't see fireworks and the world is still turning on its axis.

I'll have to admit, this thing is stupid-light. I marvel at how lightweight it is, but so can an aluminum bike, and steel can get close.

I don't know. I wouldn't get too bent out of shape on titanium just yet......

Stay tuned!

grannygear said...

GT, if that HAD been me in your backyard, that bike would not be in the pic and there would have been the sound of merry laughter as I rode into the woods. Think Robin Hood without the green tights.

But aside from that, you give me hope for a Ti-less tomorrow. Will you dash those hopes later on? Time will tell, time will tell.

Meanwhile..."Yoiks and away!"

(can you tell me what Warner Bros cartoon that was from?)

Guitar Ted said...

You got me on the cartoon reference. But I bet when you tell me I'll remember it!

grannygear said...

From Robin Hood Daffy, 1958. Highly recommended.

conwict said...

The good news is light bikes are overrated!