Monday, May 11, 2009

Choosing not to ride.

It happened Sunday afternoon. I chose not to ride my bike and that is quite odd. I pretty much always choose TO ride. But I found myself standing there, in my bedroom, holding a pair of riding shorts in my hand and instead of gearing up, I put them away and took a shower.


It began with a yet another cancellation of a ride I have been trying to make all year...heck, even part of last year. I ended up having to stand-by for work duties this weekend, so I had to change plans at the last minute. It also meant there would be no rides of any significance since I have to stay close to civilization. And, that meant that I had to ride the same old, same old stuff...again. Some guys do that every week....week after week. Same day, same ride, and they are happy to do it. Not me. Strike one.

I have been assembling a kit to get ready for bikepacking adventures and have been talking about it to most of the guys I ride with. It seems like I may be the only guy to get all excited about this, at least beyond saying, "hey that sounds like a great idea!". So, I may be all dressed up for the dance with no dance partner. Stike two.

The SS DiSSent ran into a snag which delayed the build-up a couple of weeks, so after having it since Sea Otter, still no SS joy happening. Strike three.

I could find no one to ride with that might have helped me get out the door and pedal a while. Strike four.

I'm outta' there. Back to the benches.

So, there I was in the bedroom, holding a pair of baggies in my hand and finding no heart to put them on, click into the pedals, and roll out of the garage. And, I have to say that it worries me a little bit to feel that way. Do I always have to ride when I have the opportunity? No. Should I be able to choose not to ride? Sure.

What does concern me is the way I let circumstances affect my attitude to where I missed out on spending time on my bike, even if it was just a spin around the neighborhood. The act of riding a bike is its own reason, really, and that should be enough. Last night it was not enough and I need to not let that happen again.

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