Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Still no pics

Well, last night's ride was very cool. We had mechanicals, a great climb, some good natured competition, some sweet views and flowing singletrack. But.....a lack of willing electrons in the camera battery made it all impossible to share. Rats!

Still, I brought the SS again. This ride is part of one of my favorite big loops. It begins with a 10 mile fireroad climb into the pines. I always look forward to the 90 minute workout to get to the top, but I never really considered it a good candidate for SS. Well, tonite we rode up the climb for one hour before we turned around. I figure we were more than halfway up, but I am not sure since at one point we detoured onto a singletrack to climb a bit rather than stay on the fireroad.

It was hard work, but I came to a surprising conclusion....I could have ridden that entire climb on the SS and survived. Amazing. Very eye opening.

The singletrack was even very fun on the SS, this being the first bit of trail I had been on that was not a coasting fest, so I was wondering if the tight, sandy turns would be an issue. Not at all. In fact, I see how the SS is so popular in areas of the country that have the tight, windy, techy singletrack. It ends up being very nimble and fast feeling.

Just for fun, I let Buddy Steve try the SS (he was on his FS gearie). He was blown away by the direct and scooty feeling the hardtail and the SS combined bring to the table. Add the big wheels and 180 cranks and he just immediately began to pull away from me. I think it opened his eyes.

Another bug bite victim.

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