Thursday, September 4, 2008

Excitement in the air...

It is time for the first sneak peeks of the 2009 29er goodies. With Eurobike happenin' and Interbike a few weeks away, some news is breaking already. See the Salsa Fargo newness here. Whether it is a randonneuring bike, a monstercrosser, a touring bike or what, it looks like something I would want to saddle up and head into the horizon on.

Then, there is the 90 degree turn that Turner bikes has taken with the Sultan (and the whole FS lineup...DW link, more travel. Ooooff. This ought to get things stirred up. Kinda homely though. I always thought the Sultan was the best looking bike out there in the FS 29er world. Not anymore.

More thoughts at this blog on the Turner changes. I was thinking this as well. I strongly considered the Sultan when I was FS shopping. But the new version would not make the list. Neither did the Rip-9. Any bike that works well with a 135mm+ fork is not for me. The Jet-9? Very likely. So where is the Turner Jet-9? Guess ya' can't have everything. Meanwhile, I love my 3" Leviathan. Light frame, smooth and efficient ride. Well, who knows. Maybe the new Sultan will be all that and more.

I am headed to the Demo Days and then a few days in Moab and Gooseberry, then back to I-Bike. It has been 10 years or more since I was at I-Bike, so I am excited. I will bring a camera, ride as many cool 29ers as I can, and report back for the 3 people that read my blog :)

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