Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Moab, Baby!

But first, Interbike.

Itinerary: Leave Sunday night or Monday morning reeeal early. Hit the opening demo day. Ride all the 29ers I can possibly get my skinny legs over. Stay in lost wages that night.

Tuesday: Drive to Moab. Get there in time to hit something quick, maybe Sovereign (sp?) trail, pick up a map, confirm our shuttle for the next day.

Wed: Burro down to Porc Rim and into town. Not quite the Whole Enchilada, but a really nice portion of it.

Thurs: Blow out of Moab and hit Gooseberry on the way back to Vegas. Make Vegas that night. Ahhhh, Gooseberry Jam.

Fri: Hit the last day of the show and then home that night.

I promise to take pics (like I have not said THAT before).

1 comment:

Enel said...

Curiak and I are riding Lunchboxs at Goose Wednesday if that affects your itinerary:)

I will be at I bike Thurs only, so I guess I will miss you.

I am going Tues pm and will probably catch the last hour of DD, then Goose Wed, then I bike thurs, returning thurs pm.