Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Lenz Love.

Well, guess I can take the stained glass wrapper off now. Paid for and ready to be shipped. Lenz love, at last.

Meanwhile, as the UPS gnomes do their thing, I am getting ready for the Julian 7500. www.julianactive.com Taking the KM and heading south for a few miles and a bit of long-time pedalin'. I decide to stay 1x9. No granny....we will see how wise that was. At least my spiffy new Specialized shoes are comfy to walk in!

Will Julian be the last dance of the Karate Monkey? Nah, but by summer I should be riding a dual boingy bike again. I pretty much have the build all figured out. Just need to put some more $$ together and get to building a bike!

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