Wednesday, April 23, 2008

In the groove.

Being one with the bike.

In sync.


Makin' it look easy.

As a state of being, this is where you want to be at any given moment on the bike. I was there tonite. It had been awhile since I had visited. It takes time in the saddle to be there consistently. Oh sure, you can slip in and out of that state of relaxed, accurate, effortless riding on any given outing, but the trick is to hang there, live there, remain.

I have seen some riders who could do it. Guys who rode better than I walk, who made it look natural, easy, like the bike was a familiar body appendage, just part of the genes. I have had seasons in my life where time on the bike, hours and hours in the saddle, had honed it pretty good. Mr. Smooth.

Lately, with the passing years and less riding time, it has been, well not always a struggle, but a bit of an effort to find that place. In fact, I had forgotten what it even felt like.

Till tonite. I touched it again and it came upon me like a long forgotten smell or taste or memory. The pedaling was smooth, and standing and pedaling I was a paperboy on an early route. The downhill was all planted tires, clean lines, and quick, concise decisions. Man that felt good.

I bet I can't do that again right away. I think it was a gift for tonite only, but I sure enjoyed the visit. I need to keep at it though, cuz as nice as the visit was, I want to live there.

Pic stolen from EdE's blog, who takes better pics than I ever could. Linky here and in side bar to more good bloggage.

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