Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday ride report: 04/26/08

Ahh. One of my all time favorite rides in the Saugus backcountry of the Angeles National Forest. The Maxwell Mtwy up to Sawmill Mtn.

Needed a bit of saddle time climbing. 10 miles of up and 3100 feet of elevation gain. 20 miles. Not bad.

Pretty, too. I was experimenting with my wife's camera so I played around with the macro and panorama settings. Lot's o' flowers, great views.

I found a nice, shady spot for lunch at the top. Huge nap-time potential here. Still some Miners' Lettuce under the shade of some biiig pines. Check out the acorn stash in this one grandpa tree. Some critters have been real busy. It was like this from top to bottom.

Good day on the bike. Beautiful to be alive and pedaling. God is good.

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